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Delivering a Find-a-doc Tool Your Members Want to Use

Does your provider search experience deliver what members want?

There are a lot of factors to consider and questions to answer when it comes to delivering a provider search experience that meets members’ needs and expectations as they search for care.

  • How many clicks does it take to find a doctor on your member portal?
  • What’s the optimal amount of provider detail to help members and not overwhelm them?
  • Which CTAs are most impactful?
  • What else do members want to know and need to do when searching for a doctor?

Most people start their search for a provider on their health plan website. That’s a lot of pressure to get these questions answered correctly. To help, we’ve put together an ebook based on real health plan member feedback and survey data. Download via the link below to review tips and best practices for building a powerful and engaging provider search tool that will connect your members to the right care.