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Unleash the power of your provider data

Transform your health system’s inconsistent and disparate data into a single, unified source of information that can power endless possibilities.


Make sense of messy provider data

With hundreds or thousands of staff and affiliated physicians, health systems have valuable provider data stored across various EHRs, credentialing, and content management systems—a siloed and messy experience that prevents it from being properly leveraged. Kyruus Connect helps unify all of this disparate data to create a single, organized data source. This robust foundation can power seamless and efficient experiences for internal stakeholders, external partners, and patients alike.


Better provider data means better access to care

An optimized source of truth

Unify your disparate provider data into a single source of truth that can power limitless solutions.

Power more experiences

Leverage your organized data to power internal chatbots, reporting tools, search and scheduling experiences, and more.

Organize everything

Leverage search, availability and schedule APIs and engage with the broader healthcare ecosystem.

Unlock internal efficiency

Harness your data to streamline internal processes, reduce ticket requests, and automate manual workflows.


How Ochsner Health reduced manual provider data updates by 80%

To improve operational efficiencies, reduce manual labor, and increase patient access to care, Ochsner Health harnesses the Kyruus Connect provider platform for clinical insights, data governance, and maintenance. Built on Kyruus Health’s proprietary clinical taxonomy, Ochsner Health’s provider directory now serves as the foundation for digital access initiatives, surfacing rich, reliable information that helps consumers find providers that meet their clinical needs and personal preferences. The health system, serving 1 million patients with 40 hospitals and more than 4,600 providers, is also using the Search API to power the find-a-doctor search experience with complete and accurate data from Kyruus Connect. The results speak for themselves.

Partnering with Kyruus Health to build our single source of truth enables us to reduce manual resources and offers us the ability to manage and activate data at scale across our organization.

Amber WelchVP, Digital Market and Platforms, Ochsner Health

Data—fully activated

80% reduction in manual provider data updates (Ochsner)

30% point increase in provider data accuracy (Geisinger Health)

5x higher conversion rate for enhanced provider profiles

35K+ Clinical Key Word Library


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Learn how Kyruus Connect can unleash a world of possibilities for your hospital or health system