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Improving healthcare from the inside-out

We connect people, payers, and providers
with the data and tools that drive better
healthcare decisions.


Because the right data
powers the right care decisions

Healthcare is fragmented. Critical information is scattered across disparate systems, causing inefficiencies, driving up costs, and creating frustrations for payers, providers, and patients alike. Our care access platform creates connections across the entire healthcare ecosystem—so that everyone can find what they need to deliver better care experiences and live healthier lives.


Better healthcare begins with the right data

It all starts with Kyruus Connect. The end-to-end technology supports your organization’s ability to deliver unparalleled care experiences for consumers. The intelligent data management system helps you collect, streamline, and organize all of your disparate data to power a comprehensive range of capabilities that transform care delivery from the inside-out.

Data Management & APIs
Our powerful Kyruus Connect platform helps you connect, organize, and harness your data—and, our robust framework of APIs helps you power additional, seamless experiences for your healthcare consumers and employees alike.
Compliance & Transparency
Boost your plan or organization’s reputation with technology that supports federal and state compliance efforts—and promotes high-quality, cost-effective care options.

The Proven Care Access Platform


Connected Providers


Care Searches


Appointments Scheduled

Transform your organization with Kyruus Connect

For Health Systems

Create better care access through accurate, timely, and easily accessible information that improves experiences for patients and providers alike.

Our comprehensive solutions enable:
  • Provider data management
  • Find Care search experiences
  • Patient scheduling

For Medical Groups

Enhance your organization’s business performances with sophisticated technology that reduces costs, streamlines operations, and boosts patient satisfaction.

Our platform helps digitize:
  • Provider directories and search
  • Patient self-scheduling
  • Arrival and check-in

For Health Plans

Equip your members with accurate and transparent information that enables them to always find and access the care they need.

We provide interconnected tools for:
  • Provider search
  • Cost transparency
  • Provider data optimization

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