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The air has been buzzing with excitement as our team officially unveils Kyruus Health. Keep reading to explore the driving forces behind this transformation, delving into the “why” that fuels our motivations, aspirations, and strategic decisions.

A Journey to One Brand

Over the past few years, the company has expanded its reach to serve health plans, medical groups and care navigators through its acquisitions and continued innovations. This rebrand signifies a dynamic shift, uniting Kyruus, HealthSparq, and Epion Health under one cohesive brand — Kyruus Health — the industry’s leading care access platform.

An Unflagging Commitment to Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission at Kyruus Health is to efficiently guide people to the care that’s right for them. Our mission, vision, and values remain the same, but we’ve updated our logo, look and feel, and product names.

The thoughtful design of our logo reflects our network, care pathways, and patient journeys. It also includes a subtle heart — a nod to our commitment to patients.

And this redesign is meant to directly underscore our vision for a better healthcare system—one that’s transparent and accessible—where everyone gets the care they need. And further amplify our values – we care deeply, we are fiercely driven, we lead with respect and we are accountable.

The Leading Care Access Platform

This initiative reinforces a unified culture and consistent value proposition spanning the healthcare ecosystem. This evolution is more than a change in name, logo and colors; it’s a commitment to delivering even greater value to our customers. Kyruus Health’s comprehensive care access platform:

  • Creates connections by fostering seamless connections between providers, payers, and patients throughout the care continuum, unifying data and workflows across healthcare organizations.
  • Provides a single, reliable source of truth that enhances efficiency in the healthcare ecosystem, empowering informed care decisions and ensuring patients consistently receive appropriate care.
  • Simplifies information access for stakeholders, facilitating confident care actions through innovative tools like cost transparency, scheduling, and workflow automations at every stage of the care journey.
  • Delivers a seamless experience across digital health solutions, existing workflows, search engines, EHRs, and other technologies, allowing everyone to focus on their strengths without unnecessary friction.

Kyruus Health remains steadfast in its promise to create connections that power better care experiences. There will be no changes today to the product experience, current contracts or pricing, or to our customers’ support and success teams. Our goal with rebranding is to offer customers a clearer, stronger, and more comprehensive foundation of solutions to support growth and operational efficiency. 

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We have so much to look forward to in 2024! 

Explore more about Kyruus Health’s transformative journey — be among the first to explore our revamped website and connect with us on LinkedIn for ongoing updates.

Lesley Weisenbacher

SVP of Marketing, Kyruus Health