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Robust member engagement, activation, and transparency

Kyruus Connect for Payers is the care access platform that unifies data to streamline provider search, drive member engagement, and guide people to make informed care choices—all while advancing your organization’s growth and compliance goals.


Deliver unparalleled member experiences

From rising costs and patient acuity to complex regulations and changing consumer expectations, health plans today have a lot to manage. Kyruus Connect is the end-to-end technology foundation that enables plans to deliver unparalleled, seamless, and consistent experiences for their members—supporting increased member engagement, informed care decisions, and compliance with transparency regulations.

Poor transparency creates care barriers:

44% of members say that a lack of price transparency prevents them from seeking the care they need.

Inaccurate information erodes trust:

77% of consumers say that inaccurate provider information on their health plan’s website erodes their level of trust.

Members want to schedule care online:

80% of members would schedule care directly from their health plan’s website.


Transformational technology for a better member experience

Build a truly seamless member experience

Empower your members to find, evaluate, and select the best in-network care options based on detailed provider information, personalized cost estimates, appointment availability, and more.

Enable members to find and schedule the right care

Harness the power of our network of 400k+ providers nationwide to ensure provider profile accuracy and enrich directories with the data members want—plus self-service appointment scheduling on your website.

Achieve transparency that goes beyond compliance

Meet (and exceed) ever-evolving regulatory requirements while delivering a comprehensive member experience that empowers informed care choices with cost estimates based on real-time benefits and deductible status.

Supporting health plans—and their members—nationwide


Health Plan brands


Members served, across the US


Connected providers


Empowering Payers, Providers, and Patients with Better Data

Geisinger Health Plan leverages the combination of Kyruus Connect paired with the robust, accurate data from Kyruus Network, to enhance its digital provider directory. The new information includes information not typically available in health plan directories—such as photos and languages spoken—that better enable members to find providers who meet their needs.

Kyruus Connect for Payers


Data Management & APIs

Our suite of solutions helps health plans connect, organize, and harness their data—and take it further with APIs that power interconnected experiences for members, internal stakeholders, and partners across the care ecosystem.


Bring your member engagement tools to life in a whole new way with powerful APIs that connect solutions across your organization.


Track detailed engagement and behavioral insights that help drive business decisions, boost member engagement, improve care journeys, and advance your organizational goals.


Member Engagement & Activation

Deeply engage members within their care journey with a range of solutions that empower the best care decisions, including provider search, appointment scheduling, cost estimates, and more.

Provider Search

Ensure your members always find the care they need with comprehensive profiles, quality, and review information—all in a single, easy-to-navigate provider directory.

Member Cost

Help members take control of their healthcare spending with the tools that deliver real-time service and visit cost estimates based on personalized deductible status.

Reviews and Rewards

Support members to make informed decisions by displaying real patient reviews and providing engagement nudges—driving better health and financial outcomes.

Kyruus Network

Offer richer experiences and faster access to care with the solution that brings provider profiles to life and enables seamless online appointment scheduling from your provider directory.


Compliance & Transparency

Build your health plan’s sterling reputation with technology that keeps pace with rapidly evolving federal and state regulations.

Price Transparency

Meet—and exceed—complex and ever-changing federal price transparency regulations with the tools that deliver personalized, real-time cost estimates.


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