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Meet your organization’s goals by turning insights into action

Gain deeper insights into consumer behavior and utilization with Advanced Analytics.


Transform patient activity into platform strategy

Consumers have individual preferences and needs when searching and accessing care. Your organization needs to understand these behaviors in order to deliver engaging and optimized experiences. Advanced Analytics allows you to create customized reports, provides access to Kyruus Health analytics experts, and enables data exchange across multiple reporting tools.


Transform member activity into market strategy

Understand the complete user experience

Curated data feeds across all Kyruus Connect solutions allow you to dig deeper into behavior and population trends.

Capture events and actions

Make sure no action is overlooked with custom Tealium tags that seamlessly collect UI and session events from across all Kyruus Connect interactions.

Tailor reporting for stakeholders

Use advanced filtering, create custom measures, save reports, and alert stakeholders with automatic delivery.

Refine your approach

Use advanced reporting capabilities to analyze trends, predict intervention needs, and monitor the impact of user actions.


Better insights to power better outcomes

Engage our experts

Partner with our team of analytics experts for the education, training, and assistance needed to craft customized dashboards and reports that advance your organization’s goals.

Make sure your data is comprehensive

To unleash the most powerful insights, by connecting Advanced Analytics everywhere you collect data across Kyruus Connect solutions, your internal business intelligence tools, or send data to your AWS cloud storage.

Find out what Kyruus Advanced Analytics can do for your organization

Leverage your data to craft the most impactful patient activation strategies.