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Inspire confidence in care decisions

Help your members feel more confident in their healthcare choices with the robust patient reviews solution that shares patient ratings on provider quality of care, accuracy of diagnosis, communication skills, wait times, and more.


Connect members with real experiences

It can be difficult for members to know where to find the best care. Studies show that 80% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they do personal recommendations—which is only a problem when the information presented is not relevant or verified. For health plans, ensuring members leverage high-quality and up-to-date information, including fully moderated physician reviews and patient ratings, helps members make the informed decisions that drive better health and financial outcomes.


Better member experiences
begin with the most relevant information

Empower member choices

Help equip your members with the real experiences from fellow patients that inspire informed care choices.

Deeply engage members

Enable members to read and share claims-verified or self-attested feedback on a doctor, hospital, or pharmacy visit.

Enhance provider search

Offer a seamless provider search experience that informs members about ratings, quality of care, accuracy of diagnosis, bedside manner, and more.

Partner with network providers

Leverage patient insights from reviews to help in-network providers better understand your members and their care needs.


Informing better care decision-making

70% of reviewers give an overall provider or facility rating between 3-5 stars

67% of all reviews recommended a provider or facility to others

Find out how Reviews can power the best care choices

Transform your plan’s provider search experience with the ratings and review solution that helps members find the care that’s right for them.