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Give your members more control of their healthcare spending

Empower your members to make informed healthcare spending decisions with the out-of-pocket cost estimator that provides their real-time benefit and deductible status.


Take the cost confusion out of care decisions

For too many Americans, vital healthcare decisions come down to cost—which is difficult, if not impossible, to accurately estimate. In fact, more than 40% of Americans report having had delayed care due to cost. Members need help estimating costs and understanding their responsibility for out-of-pocket payments. Cost for health plans, as part of Kyruus Connect, helps members make informed care decisions based on personalized cost estimates that are updated in real-time.


Because empowered members are happier members

Empower care decisions

Help members find the cost information they need to take control of their own care journey.

Provide personalized information

Ensure members can estimate their responsibility based on real-time benefit and deductible status.

Deeply engage members

Provide an intuitive, easy-to-navigate experience that shares costs estimates for procedures and services.

Meet and exceed equirements

Lead the way on compliance with Transparency in Coverage mandates.


More empowered, more engaged, more impactful

13M+ cost searches conducted by members

Members are 2x more likely to return to your site after engaging with Kyruus Cost paired with Rewards

100K+ items and service costs available for display


Set your plan apart with a fully tailored experience

An all-in-one experience

Offer your members the most seamless find care journey, so that they can search for the best provider, estimate their spend, and plan their care all in one single, easy-to-use experience under your health plan’s brand.

Create a connected experience

Seamlessly unite multiple apps and digital applications with our Cost API to ensure consistency in cost estimates, no matter where your members engage.

Readily comply with changing regulations

Meet and exceed new and evolving transparency mandates, including self-serve encounter and provider cost information for members, and machine-readable files.

Support organization-wide transparency initiatives

Go beyond baseline cost tools with added features that support vital information, such as: estimated cost-sharing liability, negotiated rates, contextualized guides, quality scores, and more.

Learn how Cost, as part of Kyruus Connect, can support your members.

Empower your members to take control of their health with the robust cost solution that empowers them with the information needed to find, access, and receive the right care.