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Leading Massachusetts-Based Health System and Patient Access Innovator Team Up to Enhance Access to Care in the State

Boston, MA – February 12, 2020 – Kyruus, the leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for health systems, today announced that Atrius Health, the Northeast’s largest non-profit independent medical group, has selected the company’s solutions to enhance patient access across Eastern Massachusetts. Providing connected care across 30 practice locations, Atrius Health will collaborate with Kyruus to help consumers connect with the right providers for their care online.

Dedicated to its vision “to transform care to improve lives,” Atrius Health is undertaking a series of digital initiatives aimed at streamlining and modernizing access to its network of more than 1,100 providers. As a first step, the Atrius Health team will work with Kyruus to build enhanced profile information for Atrius Health providers in the KyruusOne® provider data management platform, which will include matching Kyruus’ robust proprietary clinical taxonomy to providers’ clinical areas of focus. The taxonomy maps clinical terms to common synonyms, facilitating patient-provider matching based on consumer-friendly search terms.

KyruusOne will serve as the backbone for Atrius Health’s future consumer-facing search offerings for its more than 745,000 adult and pediatric patients, as well as new patients to the system. Atrius Health will leverage the Kyruus ProviderMatch® APIs to enable consumers to find the appropriate providers online more easily. The breadth of the data platform will help Atrius Health drive accurate matching and extend online scheduling to new patients, building on what Atrius Health already offers to current patients.

“At Atrius Health, we’re committed to streamlining access to care and helping consumers find the right providers for their needs,” said Marci Sindell, Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of External Affairs at Atrius Health. “Convenience of both the care itself and the access experience are at the heart of our digital front door initiatives, and we’re excited to work with Kyruus to improve how we manage and enhance access to our provider network.”

This engagement also lays the foundation for a novel initiative focused on exploring how Atrius Health and Kyruus can collaborate with the region’s health plans to improve access and care coordination further. Atrius Health has a long history of developing innovative care programs – often in concert with other care delivery stakeholders – to help patients navigate the healthcare system more efficiently. It shares a common goal with Kyruus of amplifying the impact of technology-enabled routing by engaging payers in new ways.

“With our headquarters here in Boston, we’ve been able to see firsthand Atrius Health’s commitment to providing high-quality, coordinated care and innovating around patient access,” said Graham Gardner, CEO of Kyruus. “We’re thrilled to now have the opportunity to not only support the team’s current provider data management and digital access initiatives, but also collaborate with them at the leading edge of care coordination.”