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PORTLAND, Ore., July 21, 2016 – Cambia Health Solutions announced today that its companies HealthSparq and SpendWell Health will join under the HealthSparq name to offer an unprecedented healthcare shopping and e-commerce experience. The platform will allow health plan members to comparison shop for care, and then purchase medical appointments all in one setting.

HealthSparq is a leader in healthcare shopping, giving 72 million insured people across 70 health plans access to the vital information they need to compare procedures and providers. SpendWell offers an e-commerce platform with “buy now” healthcare capability.

SpendWell’s e-commerce platform will greatly enrich the HealthSparq experience for customers. Over the past few years, HealthSparq has listened to feedback on what could improve the healthcare shopping experience from HealthSparq’s extensive client network, and understands that when people search for medical treatments or care they want “buy now” capability. By merging SpendWell’s technology, search to payment will be available for purchase to HealthSparq’s client base of 70 health plans nationwide. Further, HealthSparq will be the first in the field to offer this capability.

“It’s been a huge goal of ours to create a true online healthcare shopping experience reminiscent of an Amazon model, and thanks to the cutting edge e-commerce technology developed by the SpendWell team, we can now do that,” said HealthSparq President and CEO Scott Decker. “We’re the first to offer a tool that not only lets you compare prices and quality information, but actually purchase an appointment for that quoted price.”

“We’re excited to leverage cutting edge e-commerce technology with HealthSparq’s proven and established shopping tools to simplify how consumers navigate and shop the healthcare system,” said Cambia President of Direct Health Solutions Rob Coppedge. “Cambia has been dedicated to changing the game for the healthcare consumer for more than a decade, and we are always looking for ways that our family of companies can work together to bring unique powerful solutions to the market more quickly.”

All SpendWell employees will transition to the HealthSparq team.