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Today’s healthcare consumers prioritize convenience and flexibility in their search for care—and consumer-centered health systems are responding with new access strategies and user-friendly digital engagement tools. However, consumer expectations are ever-evolving, creating an opportunity for nimble health systems to truly innovate to meet changing demands.

For New Jersey-based Inspira Health, evolving consumer priorities were at the forefront of their plans to expand digital patient access and launch online scheduling for consumers. With plans well underway to overhaul their digital experience, Inspira’s timeline was further accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and its ensuing patient access challenges. Factoring in these heightened consumer needs and timelines, Inspira honed its focus on three key goals:

Delivering a consistent digital experience across patient access points.

  1. Consistency is key in creating an optimal online experience and Inspira knew that in order to serve consumers effectively they needed to prioritize this across their digital footprint. With Kyruus as a partner, they started by engaging with stakeholders across their organization to overhaul and improve their care directory—creating a foundational, singular source of truth to deliver information to consumers across various entry points including their website and mobile app.
  2. Enabling seamless online booking for both new and existing patients. Before moving forward with online scheduling, Inspira extensively analyzed their website traffic to understand why people visited their site and how they could improve the experience. This analysis showed that a majority of consumers accessed the site  for one reason: to find the right care for their unique needs. Identifying this as a major opportunity to serve consumers well beyond the hold of the pandemic, Inspira launched online scheduling across all bookable specialties for their employed providers across the enterprise.
  3. Providing consumers with a broad range of online services. With consumers gravitating toward digital channels to both search for and  access care, Inspira pivoted to include virtual care options in their online scheduling launch. This addition allowed Inspira to continue providing the same level of care virtually as they would in person without sacrificing the patient experience from start to finish—easily surfacing this option alongside in-person appointments.

As a result of their strategic planning and quick pivots to meet the evolving needs of consumers, Inspira now leverages a fully integrated, streamlined online search and scheduling experience—which they’ve deployed both on their main website and within their Inspira mobile app.