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As the first point of contact for many consumers searching for care, your access center and your agents are essential ambassadors of your brand. And in an era where patient loyalty is up for grabs, delivering personalized service over the phone can transform a single call into a lifelong relationship with your health system. On our recent webinar, Dave Kriesand, Vice President of Banner Health’s Customer Experience Center, shared how they’re differentiating their access experience by making it easier for patients to find care that meets their unique needs.

Here are 3 takeaways from the webinar:

  • Understand “Who” Your Customer Is  At most health systems, understanding the customer and their experience starts and stops with looking at the time of care delivery–ignoring all of the other interactions a patient has with a health system. However, every patient is unique, as is their journey to care. To learn more about their customers and if their provider network was meeting the clinical needs of patients, Banner Health expanded their “listening posts” to include feedback starting from the time patients began their search for care as well.
  • Bring the Customer to Life Using Personas – To align their organization around a commitment to customer-centric care, Banner Health created a single persona to embody the Banner customer: Sophia, a busy mom who values convenience and cost. Sophia brings to life the needs of the typical Banner customer, causing leadership across the organization to think twice about the impact of their decisions on the customer. For Banner’s Customer Experience Center, this meant implementing technology that makes Sophia’s life easier by proactively offering wellness exams and communicating via text.
  • Measure Success Based on Customer Satisfaction – While traditional call center operating metrics, like first call resolution and scheduling accuracy, are critical to measuring patient access and experience, it’s equally important to understand how easy it is for a patient to get an appointment. At Banner, their team uses these metrics to track agent performance, as well as Net Promoter Score (NPS), to keep a pulse on their customers’ satisfaction with the Banner Health experience and to enhance it long-term.

To learn more about Banner Health’s approach to patient access, watch the full webinar here.