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Partnership Offers Consumer-Centric Search and Scheduling Options While Closing Gaps in Care through Personalized Digital Outreach to Patients

Boston, MA & Chicago, IL – April 21, 2022Kyruus, the leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for healthcare organizations, and Upfront, a preeminent patient communication and engagement platform, today announced a new partnership to help healthcare organizations drive patient acquisition, activation, and retention. The combination of both platforms allows healthcare organizations to create better digital experiences for their patients using Kyruus’ powerful provider search, match, and scheduling capabilities coupled with continued engagement through Upfront’s personalized, omnichannel communication streams.

The partnership announcement comes at a time when many people have skipped or delayed care as a result of the pandemic, with more than half of consumers saying they’ve held off on accessing some type of care (e.g., routine, specialty, mental health, or surgical care). Nevertheless, consumers continue to rely on healthcare provider organizations as a trusted resource in their search for care.  Kyruus and Upfront’s collaboration will benefit healthcare organizations and patients alike, helping connect people with the care they need and ultimately closing gaps in care.  

“Upfront’s partnership with Kyruus represents a tremendous opportunity to fundamentally shift the patient experience,” said Ben Albert, CEO and co-founder of Upfront. “By joining forces, we are helping healthcare organizations engage and drive people to the right care and build loyalty by deepening trusted relationships with their patients well beyond the first visit – bolstering care quality, satisfaction, and completed visits.”

Healthcare organizations will be able to create end-to-end patient acquisition and retention strategies, leveraging the Kyruus ProviderMatch platform to enable consumers to find and schedule all types of care within a single experience, and then utilizing Upfront’s customized microsites, landing pages, and SMS messages to further activate patients before, after, and between visits. The combined offering will connect people with the right care the first time while also reducing no-show rates and encouraging access to key preventative services on a regular basis.

“Engaging patients to ensure they receive necessary care on a regular basis is critical to ensuring the health and wellbeing of the communities we serve,” said Dr. Nick Patel, Chief Digital Officer at Prisma, a joint customer of Kyruus and Upfront. “The ability to guide patients to the right care with Kyruus’ ProviderMatch for Consumers coupled with Upfront’s communications platform allows us to keep patients engaged and provide a personalized experience that increases satisfaction and enhances retention simultaneously.”

“Kyruus’ dedication to making healthcare better for everyone really starts with connecting people to the right care at the right time in the right place,” said Gail Airasian, General Manager for Emerging Markets at Kyruus. “Through our partnership with Upfront, we are able to deepen our impact with healthcare organizations—and the patients they serve—by helping them guide patients to the care they need and then enabling them to develop and maintain those relationships well after they schedule that first appointment online.”


About Upfront

Upfront is a mission-driven healthcare company, delivering tangible outcomes to leading healthcare systems and provider groups. Our patient communication and engagement platform makes each patient feel seen, guiding their care experience through personalized digital outreach. The backbone of the Upfront experience is our data engine, which analyzes clinical, sociodemographic, and patient-reported data. These insights allow us to individually activate patients to complete necessary care, show up for visits, and close any gaps in care. We are rooted in partnership, leveraging best-in-class healthcare expertise to maximize the impact of our technology and deliver a next-generation patient experience. To learn more, visit


About Kyruus

Kyruus helps healthcare organizations connect people with the right care across their key access points. The company’s industry-defining provider search and scheduling platform enables leading health systems, hospitals, and medical groups nationwide—spanning more than 300,000 providers—to attract and retain patients with a modern and consistent access experience. Robust provider data management forms the foundation of the platform, helping people find the right providers and care settings for their needs based on rich, system-wide information. To extend its impact on care navigation, Kyruus acquired HealthSparq in 2021 to bridge payer and provider access channels like never before. For more on why A Better Match Means Better Care®, visit


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