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Healthcare Organizations Can Now Offer Online Scheduling for Imaging, Lab Services, COVID-19 Vaccine Boosters, and More

Boston, MA September 14, 2021Kyruus, the leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for health systems, today announced the availability of expanded online scheduling capabilities in the Kyruus ProviderMatch® platform to enable more convenient access to diagnostic and preventive care-related appointments. The company also recently enhanced its COVID-19 vaccine scheduling functionality to allow customers to offer online scheduling for COVID-19 booster shots.

The expanded scheduling options reflect rising demand for digital self-service: over 40% of healthcare consumers – and the majority of millennials and Gen Xers – now prefer to book appointments online. Kyruus’ latest functionality enables healthcare organizations to expand their digital access offerings to include online scheduling for imaging needs (e.g., X-rays, MRIs, colonoscopies, mammograms) and lab services (e.g., blood draws, urinalysis). At a time when over 50% of people delayed care due to the pandemic, the convenience of online scheduling serves to both meet long-term consumer access preferences and help close short-term gaps in care.

The enhancements build on a range of other recent scheduling innovations from Kyruus, including online booking for virtual care, vaccine, and convenient care (e.g. urgent and retail care) appointments. Healthcare organizations can surface their full array of care and scheduling options online in a single, user-friendly search experience within Kyruus ProviderMatch for Consumers. For scheduling, they have the flexibility to either leverage a direct integration with their underlying scheduling system – via ProviderMatch DirectBook – or Kyruus’ stand-alone appointment management solution; either way, the experience is seamless, quick, and easy for consumers.

Missouri-based CoxHealth is one of dozens of leading health systems utilizing ProviderMatch DirectBook to offer online scheduling to both new and existing patients. “Partnering with Kyruus, we’ve been able to both successfully launch online scheduling and expand its scope,” said Brock Shamel, Vice President, Cox Medical Group. “COVID-19 vaccine scheduling is a key example; since enabling it, consumers have booked almost 30,000 vaccine appointments with CoxHealth online and, through ProviderMatch, we’ve rapidly made booster appointments available online too.”

Kyruus customers can further enhance patient experience, acquisition, and retention with access to rich scheduling-related analytics. ProviderMatch Analytics delivers visibility into what consumers are looking for online and how that interest is (or isn’t) converting to booked appointments, so customers can make data-driven decisions to evolve their care offerings and optimize booking workflows.

“Convenience is a growing factor in where healthcare consumers decide to obtain care and, when designed and deployed the right way, online scheduling can produce a powerful win-win for consumers and care delivery organizations,” said Scott Andrews, General Manager, Health Systems at Kyruus. ”We are proud to be helping our customers further streamline healthcare access by continuously broadening the array of appointments consumers can book themselves.”

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