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Extending engagement solutions to provider organizations with online search and patient self-scheduling

BOSTON, MA – MAY 28, 2024 – Kyruus Health, the leading care access platform, today announced the launch of its integration with MEDITECH, expanding access solutions for healthcare providers. This new integration allows patients to easily find and book the care they need with online search and appointment scheduling based on real-time, accurate provider availability—directly integrated with MEDITECH Expanse.

Patients want more digital access—80% of consumers leverage two or more online resources to search for care and 61% say online appointment scheduling is important when choosing care. Combining Kyruus Health with MEDITECH Expanse helps meet the rising consumer demand for convenience but also alleviates staff workload and enhances operational efficiencies by enabling tools that leverage provider data already found in the EHR.

“We are excited to expand our connectivity with MEDITECH joining our existing integrations including those with Epic, Oracle Cerner, athenahealth and other major EHRs in the industry,” explained Kyruus Health Founder and CEO, Graham Gardner, M.D. “Our customers have shared that Kyruus Health is crucial to their strategies for enhancing patient search and scheduling experiences. This integration benefits MEDITECH users of all sizes by providing access to the proven tools and processes that support care access.”

Over 1,000 hospitals and 500+ medical groups partner with Kyruus Health today, and in 2023, over 200 million care searches were enabled with Kyruus Health. By simplifying the patient journey, Kyruus Health’s integration with MEDITECH supports the following key benefits:

Empower and engage patients
Kyruus Health delivers an integrated platform that enables patients to effortlessly search leveraging natural language search logic, robust filtering, and a clinical keyword library to help find the right providers and schedule the care they need.

Streamline workflows and support staff
By empowering patients to independently find and schedule care, this integration reduces the volume of calls and reliance on administrative staff, thus improving efficiency.

Increase conversions
Direct EHR integration with MEDITECH Expanse ensures 24/7 access to real-time appointment availability, allowing patients to book appointments directly into accurate provider calendars.

This week, Kyruus Health will be attending the MUSE Inspire MEDITECH user conference in Colorado, where they look forward to engaging with and supporting the MEDITECH community.

About Kyruus Health

Kyruus Health is the leading care access platform on a mission to connect people to the right care. The company connects 425,000 providers across more than 1,000 hospitals and 500 medical groups, and more than 150 million health plan members across 100 health plan brands, so every stakeholder can access and harness the most accurate, comprehensive, and contextually relevant information. By enabling informed decisions and confident action, the care access platform supports healthier outcomes, reduces friction in healthcare, and grants more time back in everyone’s day. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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