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Boston, Dec. 4, 2014 – Kyruus, a leading provider of cloud-based Patient Access and Referral Management Solutions, today announced the latest version of KyruusOne Smart Search, a dynamic search engine that accurately matches patients with providers, reduces errors in the patient scheduling process and improves the quality of patient-doctor interactions.

Kyruus Smart Search uses more than 10,000 pre-loaded clinical and lay concepts and 250 provider specialty classifications to enable a standardized definition of clinical protocols for scheduling and referral management within a health system. This robust clinical library allows physicians, administrators, and scheduling agents to search any combination of conditions, symptoms, or procedures, and dynamically surface the optimal pool of available providers, in real time.

“The driving philosophy at Kyruus is that a better match means better care,” said Julie Yoo, Kyruus’ chief product officer. “Our goal is to help hospital systems use data to get patients to the right providers for the right care, no matter how they come in — through a hospital’s website, a referral from a primary care physician or a retail clinic. With Smart Search, Kyruus is bringing the automation and personalized service that consumers enjoy in travel, e-commerce and other industries to the world of healthcare.”

The latest version of KyruusOne Smart Search enables dynamic clinical concept-based rules and decision support, along with enhanced scheduling protocol management capabilities. Members of Kyruus’ Clinical Advisory Board of national healthcare thought leaders helped to develop and curate these novel features in a way that ensures that patients receive access to the care they need, and that providers’ schedules are utilized efficiently. .

KyruusOne Smart Search is available as part of the Kyruus ProviderMatch™ suite of applications for multi-channel patient access. This platform is deployed at leading health systems across the country to improve scheduling efficiency, patient retention, and capacity utilization.



About Kyruus

Kyruus is an enterprise healthcare provider solutions company that helps health systems optimize their Patient Access, Referral Management and Care Coordination operations. Leveraging the cloud and a proprietary Big Data approach, the company enables the integration of massive amounts of information to create a single source of truth of providers. Kyruus helps health systems create, customizable protocols for referral and scheduling across all channels of patient engagement to improve patient access and patient experience. To find out how a Better Match = Better Care™, please visit