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With the continued growth of healthcare consumerism, it’s not surprising that nearly 60% of people say they use the internet to find a new healthcare provider, with many including health system and health plan websites in the search. While these sites are important avenues for patient access, inconsistent provider data between the channels can create a fragmented experience for those seeking care. That’s a key reason why Kyruus and HealthSparq joined forces earlier this year, with a shared goal of simplifying care navigation to enable people to find and book the right care – whether they start their search with a health plan or health system.

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Connecting the Kyruus and HealthSparq platforms enables a new flow of provider data and scheduling options between participating health systems and health plans, and accomplishes two fundamental care navigation objectives: improving the quality and consistency of provider data across channels and enabling online scheduling more broadly at the point of search.

 Learn more about our mission of transforming care navigation from Scott Andrews, Kyruus’ General Manager, Health Systems.


Improving the Quality and Consistency of Provider Data Across Channels

Although health system and health plan sites both play a prominent role in the digital patient access journey, there is often a disconnect in the provider data shown on each because the data sources and frequency of updates differ between the channels. As a result, providers’ profiles are often less robust and current on health plan sites. The Kyruus-HealthSparq integration helps address this challenge by enabling health systems to leverage the enhanced provider data they manage centrally in KyruusOne® to facilitate more consistent and up-to-date provider profiles on health plan directories.

This data integration benefits both health systems and health plans. For example, Geisinger Health Plan (GHP), a HealthSparq customer, recently became the first health plan to augment its online provider directory with data from participating health systems in the Kyruus network. Nearly 80% of associated providers in the GHP directory added or corrected data in their profiles, helping GHP provide a better member experience and participating health systems to enhance their providers’ profiles in the directory.

⏩ Mark Menton, HealthSparq’s General Manager, and Scott Andrews discuss the impact of data integration on Geisinger Health Plan, participating health systems, and the individuals they serve.


Enabling Online Scheduling Across Channels

Kyruus’ consumer research shows online scheduling is a growing factor in care selection, with over 40% of all consumers now preferring this booking method – even higher among millennials (63%) and Gen Xers (52%). That’s why we’re working with customers to enable seamless online scheduling from both health system and health plan sites, so people can easily book once they’ve found the right provider – regardless of where they start.

 Scott Andrews discusses the growing importance of online scheduling options for people across channels.


Creating a ‘Win-Win-Win’ for Health Systems, Health Plans, and People Seeking Care

We believe cross-channel connectivity creates a ‘win-win-win’ scenario for all parties:

  • Health systems can differentiate providers and convert demand from health plan sites
  • Health plans can improve data accuracy and member experience, and close gaps in care
  • People seeking care can select providers based on rich data and book easily online