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Getting care is hard enough – connecting members with the right provider shouldn’t be part of the challenge.

With over 85 million individuals enrolled in Medicaid, finding the right provider shouldn’t be a barrier to accessing care. Yet, inaccurate provider directories present roadblocks to some of the nation’s most vulnerable populations – pushing them towards uncertain long-term outcomes.

Despite recent federal and state mandates aimed at improving the quality of provider directories, with ~24% of provider demographics and 20%-30% of physician affiliations changing every year – it’s not easy to keep provider data up to date. In fact, recent research found 4 in 10 consumers have found inaccurate doctor information on their health plan website. 

But you can guide members in choosing the most appropriate care, while also meeting your own compliance and business goals. Plans can save on administrative costs around managing data, deliver consistent provider data across touch points, and foster a relationship of trust with the people who count on their plan to help them get care. With 84% of Medicaid beneficiaries saying online provider search tools help them make more informed decisions about healthcare, let’s not create more work for those who need help the most. 

And guidance doesn’t simply end with online search. HealthSparq solutions support accurate and rich provider data across online, print and API’s, meeting Medicaid and Medicare requirements for data accuracy. Couple that with our ability to provide access to patient reviews, non-English languages, telehealth and scheduling availability – well that 85-million-person challenge just became a whole lot easier! 

Learn more about how to streamline provider data to support Medicaid members in our latest eBook