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HealthSparq and a health plan client recently spoke with Health Plan Alliance (HPA) members about breaking down access barriers within healthcare. See how they created a partnership focused on connecting members to the right care.

Key Takeaways

The Importance of Accurate Data

The conversation highlighted the struggle plans are facing in obtaining accurate data. CMS regulations demand data accuracy, which poses compliance risks for plans. However, it goes beyond regulations; member trust also hinges on accurate and consistent data. Building a solid foundation of trust through reliable information is essential in the digital age.

Creating a Frictionless Experience

The key to success is a technical ecosystem that enables individuals to access the right care seamlessly and helps with informed decision-making, including the ability to schedule appointments. Consistency in information across different access points is vital to prevent degradation of member trust. Plans need to provide channel consistency, addressing the challenge of accuracy between the variety of provider data access-points.

Collaborative Problem-Solving

The panelists shared how they collaborated to enhance provider data, working across the provider and payer systems to surface the highest quality data. Knowing their providers best, the plan provided guardrails, specifying attributes for improvement that resource constraints prevented them from facilitating. Through their partnership, HealthSparq was then able to leverage their data integration expertise to enhance provider records, bridging the gap between health plan and health system. The collaboration was essential as discrepancies impacted member satisfaction scores, such as NPS and star ratings.

The results? While it was recognized that these changes don’t “happen overnight”, there was a call out that the HealthSparq solution was “so easy…it was a no-brainer” and impact and engagement statistics showed remarkable success. By addressing the importance of accurate data, ensuring consistency across access points, and empowering members to act, collaboration across payers and providers can create a significant impact.

When it comes to healthcare, individuals often find themselves navigating a complex web of options and information. HealthSparq has a passionate commitment to fostering close partnerships with plans to help connect members to the right care – reach out to see how we can help you in your journey.