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Company welcomed more than 160 new customers to the largest care access platform

BOSTON, MA – Jan. 9, 2024 –
Kyruus Health concluded a momentous 2023, solidifying its role as the leading care access platform. The year saw healthcare providers, plans and care navigators adopt the company’s solutions to improve the digital patient experience, expand access and engagement, and ensure transparency. Kyruus Health now serves more than 90 million health plan members from 100 health plan brands and 425,000 providers across more than 1,000 hospitals and 500 medical groups. 

Expanding the network
Despite industry headwinds, Kyruus Health continued to grow and innovate, adding 20 leading health systems to its network. The company’s customers now represent nearly 40 percent of the hospitals and health systems who have achieved level 10 status in CHIME’s 2023 “Digital Health Most Wired” program. Additionally, according to a KLAS Research survey of healthcare executives, Kyruus Health was named among the top patient engagement vendors in the industry.

Exiting 2023, Kyruus Health also now serves 42 percent of the country’s largest health plans with solutions that allow health plan members to search for care based upon cost, clinical expertise, demographic preferences, real-time availability, and enable compliance with the Transparency in Coverage mandate. Dozens of care navigation and digital health companies also leverage the care access platform to help ensure their members are routed to the right in-network providers.

Improving the consumer experience
As highlighted in the 2023 Care Access Benchmark Report, consumers are looking for expanded digital capabilities, with 77 percent being extremely or very interested in completing intake forms prior to an appointment. This evolving consumer expectation aligns with the growing adoption of Kyruus Health solutions for medical groups and increases in patient engagement, which saw a notable 90 percent pre-visit completion rate. 

Partnering to expand access for Veterans
Kyruus Health proudly announced a collaboration with WellHive, in partnership with V3 Gate, to support the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), America’s largest integrated healthcare system to improve care for all Veterans. VHA serves an estimated 9 million enrolled Veterans by providing first-class care management resulting in approximately 81 million VHA and 32 million Community Care outpatient appointments each year.

By combining Kyruus Health’s patient access solutions and extensive network of providers and care delivery organizations with WellHive’s innovative care navigation technology, this strategic partnership will accelerate access to care for the millions of Veterans that rely on the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for their healthcare needs. Through centralized appointment management across all VHA sites, the VA is poised to modernize and streamline their external provider scheduling processes. This initiative will ensure that VA employees can deliver healthcare services to the nation’s Veterans efficiently and effectively.

Uniting under one brand
Following Kyruus’ acquisition of the HealthSparq and Epion Health businesses over the past few years, all three brands now have come together as Kyruus Health. Combining these three companies into one brand, underscores the company’s commitment to seamlessly connecting individuals with the right care.

“Finding the right care remains a daunting exercise for far too many people today,” noted Kyruus Health Co-founder and CEO, Graham Gardner, M.D. “At the same time, organizations struggle to match these patients to the right providers and treatments they offer. By integrating data and scheduling workflows from thousands of organizations into a common care access platform, we are able to connect providers, payers, and digital health companies in a way that helps each of them optimize how they serve patients. We are incredibly honored to already partner with so many in the industry and are excited to be a catalyst for better healthcare that is more accessible, transparent, and of the highest quality.”

Visit the newly refreshed website at to explore how Kyruus Health is pioneering a new era.


About Kyruus Health
Kyruus Health is the leading care access platform on a mission to connect people to the right care. The company connects 425,000 providers across more than 1,000 hospitals and 500 medical groups, and more than 90 million health plan members across 100 health plan brands, so every stakeholder can access and harness the most accurate, comprehensive, and contextually relevant information.  By enabling informed decisions and confident action, the care access platform supports healthier outcomes, reduces friction in healthcare, and grants more time back in everyone’s day. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.


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