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Many health plan teams have spent the last year heads down, working diligently to meet Transparency in Coverage mandates. Starting with the machine-readable file milestone in July and working towards the January 1, 2023 milestone. 

How are you guiding and engaging members with the new or improved experiences your teams have been buildling? As we get closer to bringing cost estimates for 500 shoppable services to consumers, it is important to consider how members are informed and engaged on their journey to find and compare healthcare costs. Research shows, members are looking to their health plans for help them as they navigate healthcare. In fact,

  • 93% of people want guidance from their health plan to find care
  • 60% of people wish their health plan offered more in-depth provider profiles

(Source: HealthSparq Annual Consumer Sentiment Benchmark Report)

Create engaged and loyal members by providing the tools and resources that help people navigate the complexities of healthcare — from starting the search for a provider to booking the appointment they need. Make sure you are giving people the information they need to make confident choices. Relevant, engaging experiences will keep members coming back to your digital tools. 

Make costs easy to find

The most important thing health plans can do to engage their members in cost transparency is making cost information easy to find. While 72% of surveyed consumers knew they could find providers through their health plan portal, there is less awareness on the availability of costs.

Make information easy to find for members and use clear terms and messages that focus on the benefits of cost information. Avoid using industry jargon and phrases like price transparency. Consider including shortcuts on your portal dashboard, plan a comprehensive marketing and engagement plan, and start using all your communications channels to educate your members now. 

Leverage employers for communication

We all know, the more times a message is seen, the more likely it is to be remembered when needed or, better yet, intersect with a need as it arises. The rollout of a mandated tool provides a unique opportunity to engage your employer groups to help deliver messaging about the new and improved experiences available to employees. Be sure to include information in open enrollment materials, creating excitement for what’s to come in January.

Guide members with information and incentives

Your members want personalized guidance and support to manage their care and expenses. First, delivering detailed information on providers can help members find the right provider for their unique needs. Kyruus Health guidance solutions support the 6 in 10 consumers surveyed who want more robust provider profiles and, when paired with Rewards, members are guided to lower-cost, high-quality providers. Next, providing details and timelines for complex treatments enables members to really plan for care in terms of costs and time. Finally, empowering members to take action on their care journey with in-experience appointment scheduling closes the loop on the search for care. 

Throughout the journey, Kyruus Health’s guidance solutions can create stickiness to keep members coming back again and again–all within a single experience.