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Partnership will Enable Health Systems to Organize and Distribute Accurate Provider and Location Data Across the Web

Boston, MA & Anaheim, CA,  June 18, 2019 Kyruus, the leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for health systems, and Brandify, the leading location-based digital marketing solution for brands, announced today a new partnership to help health systems better manage and leverage their provider and location data across the web. The combined offering will allow health systems to expand their digital presence and help ensure that consumers have access to accurate data wherever they search for care online.

Research shows that location is often a deciding factor for consumers searching for care online. In fact, nearly two-thirds of those who look for providers online indicate that they search “near me” or near a specific town or city. As health systems expand their geographic footprints and face rising competition across their communities, they are seeking solutions to help them localize their marketing efforts. The partnership between Kyruus and Brandify will empower health system marketers with granular visibility into their provider networks and practice locations and ensure that their care offerings are discoverable to consumers performing “near me” searches.

Health systems will be able to leverage robust provider and location data from KyruusOne®, Kyruus’ award-winning provider data management platform, to streamline online listings management through Brandify. The automated delivery of optimized provider and location data from KyruusOne to Brandify, a featured Google My Business partner, will allow joint customers to publish their listings to over 200 sites across the web, including Google, Bing, Apple, Yelp, Foursquare, Facebook, and multiple navigation apps and search directories. In concert, the two solutions will help health systems improve not only the overall visibility of their brands online, but also the accuracy of the information available to consumers about their providers and care sites.

“Health systems cannot underestimate the power of local search and accurate data for attracting consumers and fostering trust in their brands,” said Manish Patel, CEO of Brandify. “Together, Brandify and Kyruus will be able to help health systems better tap into their provider data and ensure that online consumers have the information they need to find the right provider at the right place.”

Whether consumers ultimately choose to schedule their appointments online or via phone, the multi-channel Kyruus ProviderMatch® platform helps health systems convert their demand effectively. With KyruusOne as its foundation, the platform not only facilitates a consistent patient experience across key access points, but also helps health systems turn initial interest into booked appointments through direct scheduling into leading EHRs.

“Accurate, comprehensive provider data is a prerequisite for better patient access,” said Graham Gardner, CEO of Kyruus. “We’re excited to partner with Brandify to help health systems further leverage the enterprise-wide provider directories they build with us to enhance their brand visibility and connect patients with the right care across the web.”


About Brandify

Brandify is the single answer to local, connecting global brands with consumers in the moment by leveraging the most comprehensive location technology solutions in the market. Brandify has connected over 500 global brands with over 4.5 million locations to consumers worldwide since 1997. The company provides multi-location digital marketing technology to a wide range of verticals including healthcare, finance, retail, insurance, and food service. Marketers can simplify local decision making with actionable recommendations powered by Brandscore, Brandify’s field-tested benchmarking metric. To learn more about Brandify, please visit and follow us on Twitter at


About Kyruus

Kyruus delivers industry-defining provider search and scheduling solutions that help health systems match patients with the right providers across their enterprise-wide access points. Serving more than 225,000 providers across leading health systems nationwide, the Kyruus ProviderMatch® suite of solutions—for consumers, access centers, and care settings—enables a modern and consistent patient experience, while optimizing provider utilization. The company’s award-winning provider data management platform powers each of the ProviderMatch solutions and transforms how health systems understand and manage their provider networks. To find out why a Better Match Means Better Care®, visit