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Collaboration Will Couple Appointment and Transportation Scheduling to Simplify Patient Access

Boston, MA – September 19, 2019 Kyruus, the leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for health systems, today announced that it is partnering with Uber Health to help health systems further improve patient access and experience. The partnership will empower agents using Kyruus ProviderMatch® to not only match and book patients with the right providers, but also help patients ultimately get to their appointments by making it easier to arrange Uber rides as part of the process.

ProviderMatch for Access Centers is a web-based provider search and scheduling solution that helps health systems improve patient-provider matching, demand conversion, and agent efficiency. With rich provider data, a dynamic search engine, and direct booking, it is enabling health systems across the US to elevate the service they offer through their call centers – a key access point with almost 60% of consumers still preferring to book by phone. Kyruus’ collaboration with Uber Health will allow agents to, where needed, transition more seamlessly to assisting patients with transportation once they’ve booked appointments, fostering efficiency and follow-through.

“Scheduling is where access to care begins,” said Dan Trigub, Head of Uber Health. “But factors like travel can impede a patient ultimately receiving that care. By partnering with Kyruus, our goal is to help health systems assist patients with transportation arrangements early on and remove this as a potential obstacle to access later.”

Kyruus currently serves more than 225,000 providers across more than 500 hospitals in the United States. Its enterprise-wide patient access and provider data management platform enables health systems to match patients with the right providers whether they seek care online or by phone – enabling a consistent patient experience across access points.

“Patient access hurdles take many forms,” said Chris Gervais, Chief Technology Officer at Kyruus. “At Kyruus, we’re committed to helping patients schedule care with the right providers for their specific needs. From there, partners like Uber Health serve a key role in ensuring patients actually obtain that care and avoid unnecessary delays.”