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Kyruus Network expands by adding virtual behavioral health partners encompassing 30,000 providers

BOSTON, MA – MAY 15, 2024 – Kyruus Health, the leading care access platform, expands the Kyruus Network by integrating virtual behavioral health providers, demonstrating the organization’s commitment to revolutionizing behavioral health care access.

According to an annual survey by the American Psychological Association, 56 percent of psychologists said they had no openings for new patients. Among those who keep waitlists, average wait times were three months or longer and nearly 40 percent said that their waitlist had grown in the past year. In 2023, 10 million searches were performed on the Kyruus Health platform by people looking for behavioral health services.

Acknowledging the important role of virtual behavioral health providers in today’s fast-paced world, Kyruus Health strives to bridge gaps and make behavioral health services more accessible than ever before by expanding the Kyruus Network.

Positive Impact on Health Plans

The Kyruus Network enables health plans to expand their dataset, close care gaps, and boost access by making the provider directory actionable. To help members find and access the care they need, the Kyruus Network of behavioral health partners can be easily integrated within provider search along with click-to-schedule functionality. Implementing a “schedule now” call-to-action for speciality care amplifies these benefits, evident in the threefold increase in conversions observed for specialty care appointments.

Positive Impact on Hospitals & Health Systems

It’s not always easy for people to get the care they need in a timely way, which is why 43 percent of C-Suite leaders say access to care is among their five greatest challenges according to a Sage Growth Partners survey. The Kyruus Network can help to address the challenges of limited or overwhelmed providers and long wait times by amplifying provider and appointment availability data and boosting health system patient acquisition.

The innovative virtual behavioral health providers that have joined the Kyruus Network include:

  • Grow Therapy
  • Array Behavioral Care
  • Bicycle Health
  • Brightside Health
  • Clarity Pediatrics
  • Hopscotch
  • Override
  • Rula
  • Talkiatry
  • Talkspace

By bringing this expanded network of over 30,000 virtual behavioral health providers to health plans, hospitals, and medical groups, Kyruus Health makes it easy to seamlessly integrate virtual behavioral health providers into online provider directories and fill access gaps.

“Kyruus Health is committed to promoting awareness and accessibility to a diverse range of behavioral health services,“ said Gail Airasian, Chief Strategy Officer at Kyruus Health. “Whether it’s counseling, therapy, psychiatric consultations, or medication management, the Kyruus Network, combined with advanced digital capabilities, ensures that behavioral health care is convenient, accessible, and inclusive for all.”

Together with these partners, Kyruus Health is contributing to a positive impact on behavioral health access and strives for a healthier, more connected world. The Kyruus Network is continuing to expand these connections to address the varying needs of our customers with partners also focused on bringing innovative care access to specialties and needs across the country.


About Kyruus Health

Kyruus Health is the leading care access platform on a mission to connect people to the right care. The company connects 425,000 providers across more than 1,000 hospitals and 500 medical groups, and more than 150 million health plan members across 100 health plan brands, so every stakeholder can access and harness the most accurate, comprehensive, and contextually relevant information. By enabling informed decisions and confident action, the care access platform supports healthier outcomes, reduces friction in healthcare, and grants more time back in everyone’s day. To learn more, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.


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