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 Integration Brings ProviderMatch DirectBook Capabilities to Epic Customers

Boston, MA – Kyruus, a leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for health systems, announced today that it has joined the Epic App Orchard to enable seamless scheduling for its customers on Epic’s EHR platform. The Kyruus ProviderMatch™ suite of patient access solutions—for consumers, access centers, and referral networks—helps health systems match patients with the right providers across points of entry. Kyruus’ DirectBook offering enables ProviderMatch users to not only find the right providers, but also book directly into their underlying scheduling systems without leaving ProviderMatch. Kyruus will leverage application programming interfaces (APIs) to extend these direct scheduling capabilities to ProviderMatch customers on Epic.

“The ability to find the right provider is only as good as your ability to book an appointment with that provider – whether the patient is looking for care themselves online or coordinating through a call center or an office staff member,” said Julie Yoo, Chief Product Officer at Kyruus. “We’re excited to join the Epic App Orchard and enable our health system customers to enhance the booking experience for their patients and improve demand-supply matching for their organizations.”

Piedmont Healthcare, an integrated health system in Atlanta serving nearly two million patients, will be among the first joint customers to take advantage of the new level of integration available through Kyruus’ membership in the Epic App Orchard. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer our patients and internal users alike a truly seamless provider search and scheduling experience,” said Katie Logan, VP of Experience at Piedmont Healthcare. “Connecting ProviderMatch and Epic helps us empower patients to not only find the right providers, but also book with them then and there, so we can improve both patient satisfaction and internal processes.

About Kyruus

Kyruus delivers proven provider search and scheduling solutions that help hospitals and health systems match patients with the providers best suited to care for them. The ProviderMatch suite of solutions—for consumers, access centers, and referral networks—enables a consistent patient experience across multiple points of access, while aligning provider supply with patient demand. The company’s proprietary provider data management platform forms the foundation of its solutions, powering them with accurate data by coupling data processing with administrative applications. To find out why a Better Match Means Better Care, please visit