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Help patients schedule the care they need

Offer your patients a seamless digital experience to find and schedule the care they need—while streamlining the front desk with convenient EHR integration.


Appointment scheduling, made simple

Consumer demand for convenience when arranging for healthcare services is at an all time high—and growing. As part of Kyruus Connect, Schedule gives patients 24/7 access to appointment availability and self-service scheduling—based on direct EHR integration into Oracle Cerner, Epic, MEDITECH Expanse, and athenahealth.


Efficient practices run on Kyruus Health Schedule

Modernize the patient experience

Provide patients the option to search for visit availability—and easily self-schedule their next appointment—all on your site.

Automatic appointment validation

Save precious time and energy with automatic appointment validation questions and intake forms to ensure accurate patient routing.

Streamline manual workflows

With direct EHR integrations, create a consistent and automated care access experience, while reducing the need for manual appointment management.

Simplify patient intake

Ensure a smooth intake process—and less time in the waiting room—with Check-In, to ensure patient forms are completed in advance.

Automate patient scheduling—at scale

3.5M+ appointments scheduled

1 in 3 appointments scheduled outside of business hours

40% of appointments are for new patients

Boost patient satisfaction and support your front desk with Kyruus Health Schedule