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In a recent session at the Becker’s Spring Payer Issues Roundtable, Kyruus Health’s Chief Product Officer, Peter Boumenot, sat down with Jon Burow, Vice President of Customer Experience and Digital Transformation at Independent Health, and Debbie Peterson, Vice President of Digital Strategy, Experience, and Delivery at Excellus BlueCross BlueShield, to explore the evolving landscape of transparency and member engagement in healthcare. The discussion highlighted challenges faced by payers as they shift focus from checking the compliance box to building true engaged members experiences, and offered innovative implementation strategies. Here are key highlights from the session:

Transitioning from Compliance to Engaged Members

Consumers require more guidance to make informed decisions than regulatory frameworks provide. In fact, nearly 50% of consumers have delayed or skipped care due to uncertainty over cost. Health plans need to make their data more consumable and actionable to address this gap in understanding. Continuous education is also critical in helping members fully understand their benefits and utilize the data available to them. Ensuring members understand their coverage before they even need it can go a long way. 

Leveraging Technology for Personalized Engagement

Both panelists emphasized the pivotal role of technology in driving personalized member engagement. Initiatives such as Independent Health’s Member Action Plan (MAP) and Excellus BlueCross BlueShield’s Integrated Member Experience (IME) underscore the significance of leveraging data-driven insights to deliver relevant and timely information to members. Both programs utilize technology to create connections between channels, such as email or web, providing a shoppable experience that delivers suggestions for next steps the member can take. These touch points can also be leveraged to ensure members never have to chase what they are needing. 

Balancing Privacy and Personalization

While personalization through technology holds immense potential, concerns around data privacy remain. The panelists discussed the importance of balancing personalized engagement with member privacy, highlighting the need for preference centers that allow members to choose what they want to opt in to or choose what information they want to receive. Although personalization can be scary for members, they are often receptive to personalized experiences when they see how it helps them throughout their journey. Having a preference center that allows members to choose exactly what type of information they want to receive will empower them along their journey and alleviate any concerns surrounding their privacy.

Closing Thoughts

Payer organizations face the dual challenge of meeting regulatory requirements while driving meaningful member engagement. By prioritizing member education, leveraging technology, and fostering personalized experiences, health plans can navigate the evolving landscape effectively, ultimately empowering members to make informed decisions. 

Missed this session or eager to delve deeper into the topic of engaged members? Join us for our upcoming webinar on May 16, Beyond Compliance: What’s Next for Transparency & Member Engagement, featuring the same insightful speakers.