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Kyruus’ Benchmark reports illuminate the path to enhanced care access through technology and transparency, enabling trust by consumers.

When attempting to solve a problem within healthcare, it’s best to work with quantitative data. Knowing and understanding the wants, needs and concerns of patients who interact with the healthcare system every day is vital. But that data often veers towards qualitative as it changes from person to person, and hundreds of millions of people access the healthcare system every year.

To help unblur the line, Kyruus Health, a healthcare provider data management and patient engagement organization, asked 1,000 healthcare consumers about care access. The results of this survey are included in the company’s annual Care Access Benchmark reports for payers and providers, and they reveal how payers, providers, health technology partners and the healthcare industry as a whole must adapt to meet growing patient demands.

The survey’s findings emphasize that offering self-service capabilities is just the beginning. A modern, user-friendly digital experience is essential for fostering trust and building lasting connections with consumers.

Transforming healthcare data management

Accurate, robust data is the foundation for empowering consumers to select the best care choices. Payer and provider organizations can achieve this by creating a comprehensive digital access strategy that ensures provider, location and service data is accurate across its entire ecosystem.

In addition to those standard elements, a robust provider profile, including philosophy of care, enhances patient-centered care, enables shared decision-making, and ultimately improves patient satisfaction and outcomes while lowering overall costs. By prioritizing intuitive and easy-to-navigate digital experiences, rich with in-depth provider information, patient trust is enhanced.


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Peter Boumenot

Chief Product Officer, Kyruus Health