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It’s no secret: most healthcare organizations today are facing significant financial challenges—and there isn’t a single culprit to blame. Instead, it’s a perfect storm of circumstances fueled by an uncertain economy, workforce shortages, ongoing COVID-19 recovery, and public health issues such as RSV and the impact of delayed care.

Unlike some industries, healthcare organizations don’t have the option to simply hunker down and ride out the storm. Competition is too strong for organizations to remain complacent, but more importantly, the healthcare industry is wired to serve individuals and communities, and improving access to care remains a core tenet, even in tough times.

What’s different today for healthcare organizations is the amplified need to prove the value of all tech investments, including those centered on patient access and experience. Gone are the days of launching a shiny new technical capability and then moving on to the next big thing. Healthcare organizations now are looking at how their tech investments impact the organization as well as its constituents, and how that impact will be measured over time.

Making the Case for Provider Data Management and the Find Care Experience.

Kyruus’ mission of connecting people to the right care is exemplified by its industry-defining provider data management platform that powers robust find care experiences to help people search, select, and schedule care with greater accuracy and convenience.

While it’s easy to see the holistic value these tools bring to healthcare organizations and the communities they serve, it’s important to recognize concrete proof points that support the investment in these technology solutions. Here’s how Kyruus’ solutions stack up, both in terms of core value and return on investment:

Recognizing the Value of Provider Data Management.

The KyruusOne® provider data management platform is a foundational investment that enables healthcare organizations to consolidate, enrich, and maintain an ever-growing set of provider, service, and location data in an automated process that minimizes time and staff resources. The enhanced, centralized data can then be leveraged to power patient access innovations and bring greater efficiencies to organizational processes and internal applications. The data can also be shared in external third-party channels where consumers frequently search for care.

PROOF POINTS: Ochsner Health chose Kyruus to build a system-wide provider directory to consolidate and enrich their data and make it readily available to drive digital access initiatives that help consumers find the right care. In less than a year, Ochsner Health saw an 86% increase in year-over-year traffic on their website’s “find-a-doctor” feature and a significant increase in consumer “click-to-schedule” interactions, spotlighting the correlation between more accurate search results and higher intent to schedule care.

Further, Ochsner Health is enjoying the benefits of data automation for ongoing data maintenance and governance—they’ve reduced manual provider updates by about 80%. Download How Ochsner Health Increased Data Accuracy and Process Efficiencies to Connect Consumers to the Right Care to read the full story.

Maximizing the Impact of Robust Search and Schedule Solutions.

Kyruus’ ProviderMatch® for Consumers and ProviderMatch DirectBook enable healthcare organizations to offer holistic online experiences that empower consumers to easily and conveniently find a variety of care types and options, select the best option for their needs, and book that care online, all within a single, streamlined workflow.

PROOF POINTS: Northeast Georgia Health System (NGHS) relies on KyruusOne to centralize and manage its provider data so it can be used to build out rich provider, location, and service profiles. With its enriched directory in place, NGHS launched a consumer search and match experience leveraging ProviderMatch for Consumers, and initiated online appointment scheduling in key specialties for both in-person and virtual visits.

The result? NGHS secured 2,000 online appointments within the first six months. Further, of those opting to book care online, 75% are new patients to NGHS and leaders at the organization report that the technology has already paid for itself. To read the full story, download How Northeast Georgia Health System Enabled Digital Access to Achieve New Patient Acquisition Goals.

Investing in Patient Access Provides Short- and Long-Term Benefits.

For organizations considering investments in provider data management and search and schedule solutions, choosing an experienced technology partner is the key to ensuring the resulting benefits are both holistic and sustainable. To learn more about making a foundational provider data management investment, download our Four Reasons to Prioritize Provider Data Management white paper. To learn what’s important to consider when assessing search and schedule solutions, download our guide, Your Find Care Experience.