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Integration Will Enable Health Systems to Engage Online Consumers With an End-to-End, Conversational Access Experience

BOSTON, MA and SAN FRANCISCO, CA March 17, 2020 Kyruus, the leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for health systems, and GYANT, the leading artificial intelligence-enabled virtual assistant for healthcare, today announced a new partnership to help health systems enhance consumer access and self-service on their websites. The two companies will join forces to combine the power of Kyruus’ routing and scheduling platform with GYANT’s chat-based virtual assistant to help consumers find and book appropriate care through a conversational experience.

The partnership will enable health systems to capitalize on the comprehensive provider directory and direct scheduling integrations they put into place with Kyruus to enhance the scope of services they offer via GYANT’s virtual assistant. Health systems working with Kyruus utilize the KyruusOne® provider data management platform – including its extensive clinical taxonomy – to build rich provider profiles and a system-wide view of appointment availability. The integration between the Kyruus and GYANT solutions will allow joint customers to expand their chat-based care navigation and triage to also offer patient-provider matching and scheduling – all within a seamless interaction.

Healthcare consumers want the online convenience they enjoy when accessing other types of services online, but need the ability to account for the wide range of criteria they consider important in care decisions. Simultaneously, providers want to feel confident that consumers booking on their own have the tools they need to make informed decisions and sufficient guidance to schedule appropriately. Kyruus and GYANT’s collaboration stands to benefit both stakeholders by giving consumers on-demand, chat-based care navigation with an engaging scheduling experience built on robust and accurate provider information.

“GYANT’s solutions play a powerful role in helping health systems engage patients online by providing critical assistance as they seek information and access to care,” said Stefan Behrens, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder at GYANT. “Partnering with Kyruus provides for a natural extension of our services, helping better meet consumer needs early in their care journey by bringing scheduling support into the patient experience.”

The two companies plan to expand their collaboration to facilitate seamless digital transitions to call center agents when necessary. Health systems may choose to route consumers needing additional assistance to a virtual access center, physical access center, or clinical triaging service depending on the health system’s access model.

“Across industries, chat-based solutions play a big role in meeting consumer demand for on-demand, digital access, but we’ve only just started to see their potential in healthcare, especially when it comes to care selection and scheduling,” said Chris Gervais, Chief Technology Officer at Kyruus. “We’re excited to partner with GYANT to take more complexity out of patient access, powering consumer-friendly interactions with sophisticated matching behind the scenes.”