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As expectations for digital self-service continue to grow, healthcare organizations should regularly assess their digital front door experiences to ensure they are meeting consumers’ needs—and their own—so they can remain competitive and attract new patients.

At legacy SCL Health (now Intermountain Healthcare), where patient experience is paramount, this type of assessment led to a digital transformation that improved how people search and schedule care with network providers, locations, and services. Recognizing that their previously launched online provider search and schedule capabilities were dated and failed to provide the in-depth analytic insights needed to guide ongoing improvements and network composition, legacy SCL Health leaders chose Kyruus to help them create a convenient, consumer-centric find care experience. A year after launching their new digital strategy with Kyruus, legacy SCL Health is reporting impressive results:

Optimized Online Booking Experience Drives New Patient Conversion. 

To maximize the impact of online scheduling, legacy SCL Health realized they needed to ensure the quality of their provider and location data. Working with Kyruus yielded a rebuilt, centralized provider directory—a ‘source of truth’ for provider and availability data that enabled them to launch online scheduling for hundreds of providers across 20+ specialties. This resulted in a significant increase in online booking (21% year-over-year), with 73% of these appointments booked by new patients, aligning their efforts with key new patient acquisition goals.

Consumer Engagement Spans Key Digital Entry Points.

When thinking about digital consumer experience, legacy SCL Health took a broader view that included other access points into their organization. As a result, they extended their search and scheduling capabilities to their mobile app and the website’s virtual assistant (chat bot), to create a more seamless experience across the organization’s channels. This helped them capitalize on the digital channels that are popular with consumers—in particular the virtual assistant feature, which has driven over 3,000 sessions directly to individual provider profiles, with nearly 100 appointments booked.

Robust Analytics Reporting Helps Balance Network Supply and Consumer Demand.

Access to meaningful, actionable analytics was a top priority for legacy SCL Health, as their previous search and scheduling solution lacked maturity in this area. Partnering with Kyruus gave the organization deeper insight into key metrics that help them optimize patient acquisition, manage networks more effectively, and align network supply with consumer demand. For example, new analytics capabilities enabled legacy SCL Health to identify provider capacity shortages within the enterprise—and to quickly rectify them by adjusting providers’ schedules and focusing their marketing strategies to drive patient volume to providers with greater availability.