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Connecting people with the health care they need has become easier with technology, but for many people it’s still a fragmented experience as they work with their health plans and their providers. We recently announced we’re joining forces with Kyruus, the industry leader in provider search, scheduling, and data management solutions for health systems. This announcement was exciting not only because we found a like-minded partner to help us accelerate innovation, but because we’re excited about the possibilities for health care—to connect care navigation across payer and provider channels, and do it at a scale our industry hasn’t seen before.

Joining forces with Kyruus ensures that our current health plan clients continue to benefit from our transparency and guidance platform, HealthSparq One®. It is also provides an opportunity to innovate for long-term value across plans and providers. With the ability to augment and enhance data to enhance provider data to match people with the right provider and deliver price transparency to new touch points, we can make health care remarkably better for the people interacting with it.

Kyruus is also a synergistic partner from a people and culture perspective. During the last few years that I’ve been leading HealthSparq, we have worked to foster an inclusive, collaborative and high performing culture at HealthSparq. We care about the people we work with, the people we work for and the people who use our software. That culture has allowed us to set ambitious goals and drive hard to reach them. The Kyruus approach to people is completely aligned with HealthSparq’s core values, making the combination a good fit that will only benefit clients and members further.

HealthSparq and Kyruus will be creating a combined company with a shared vision for helping people navigate the health care system. I look forward to sharing more with our clients in the coming months and cannot wait to unlock the potential of this new partnership.