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Kelsey Waddill

Managing Editor & Multimedia Manager

When payers’ online provider information is wrong, it may impact not only members’ access to care but also the level of member-payer trust.

Consumers are calling on payers to make their online provider data more accurate to improve access to care in a survey published by Kyruus Health which HealthPayerIntelligence received by email.

Wakefield Research fielded the survey to 1,000 healthcare consumers in April 2024. Almost three-quarters of the respondents had private health insurance (72%), with Medicare as the second-highest source of insurance coverage (18%). The survey participants were evenly split between US regions and age ranges. Six in ten respondents were women (57%).

Historically, payers have struggled to keep their provider directories up-to-date, and this survey exemplified the downstream effects. Three in ten consumers skipped care due to inaccurate provider data (30%). They were most likely to seek this information online (70%).

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