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Epion Health (now known as Kyruus Health) is a leader in digital patient intake and engagement solutions for medical groups, hospitals, and health systems.  The company’s flagship digital patient intake and payment solution, Check-In—built on a secure, HIPAA-compliant and HITRUST-certified platform—replaces inefficient, error-prone and incomplete patient intake and check-in methods with a self-service option, fully integrated with athenahealth and Oracle-Cerner EHRs.

Epion’s commitment to innovation and exceptional customer service made the organization a top-rated, trusted partner to over 500  medical groups across the nation, as well as the #1 most searched solution—with 450+ five-star reviews—in the athenahealth marketplace.

Epion Health was acquired by Kyruus in 2022, and in 2024 the companies unified under the new Kyruus Health brand.

Digital Patient Intake & Engagement Solutions

Epion Health’s (now Kyruus Health’s) powerful SaaS platform helps providers deliver care that’s secure and reliable, while meeting expectations for a positive patient experience. Our key patient engagement and activation solutions for medical groups include:

  • Rich provider profiles: Robust provider directory and search capabilities with a user-friendly administrative application to easily manage provider profiles and appointment availability.
  • Online patient self-scheduling: Seamless online patient scheduling—for provider, service, or location-based appointments—through an intuitive scheduling workflow, directly integrated with leading EHRs including athenahealth and Oracle-Cerner.
  • Digital patient intake: Self-service digital patient intake and payment collection intake that replaces inefficient, error-prone and incomplete check-in methods with a fully-integrated, barrier-free solution.

Digital Patient Intake: How It Works

The Kyruus Check-In solution for digital patient intake begins with a simple text message, including a secure link to begin the pre-registration process. No app download or portal account needed. Patients can complete as much—or as little—as they want before their appointment. Whatever they complete will be saved to their record and they can simply pick up where they left off when they arrive. No lost work. No duplicate entry.

Kyruus Check-In enables healthcare providers to collect essential information prior to the patient arriving for their appointment:

  • Demographic and contact information
  • Health screeners, e.g., Coronavirus, PHQ 2/9
  • Chief complaint
  • History of present illness
  • Review of systems
  • Insurance card verification/images
  • Health history

Our platform can be configured to the unique workflow, clinical and billing requirements associated with different specialty practices, including primary care, orthopedics, women’s health, and pain management.

Health Risk Assessments

Screen and identify more patients living with health risks and other mild to moderate behavioral health disorders with our automated and integrated digital health risk assessments. These validated clinical tools can help you:  

  • Identify patients qualified for screening
  • Meet quality measures and reporting requirements
  • Satisfy Medicare Annual Wellness Visit health risk assessment requirements

Our automated and integrated digital health risk assessments are designed to save your practice time while maximizing clinical workflows, reimbursement and patient engagement. Screeners can be added to our Digital Check-In solution and configured to match your current screening workflow, so you can identify patients qualified for screening based on: appointment type, provider, specialty, department and frequency.

Health risk assessments help identify chronic diseases, injury risks, and health needs of patients for early intervention and treatment, lowering the cost of care and improving outcomes. Other key benefits for medical practices include:

  • Satisfy quality metrics and reporting requirements
  • Engage patients in their care
  • Support value-based care goals
  • Increase reimbursements
  • Save time, money and human resources

Simplified Payment Collection

Maximize collections while ensuring a positive patient experience. With our payment feature, patients can review their co-pays, outstanding balances, and collection balances during check-in. They also can set up a card on file for annual payment contracts to cover co-insurance obligations or make payments. These capabilities allow patients to pay at the time of service with any major credit card, debit card or qualified HSA/FSA card.

Key benefits to medical groups include:

  • Improve cash flow
  • Decrease collection fees
  • Reduce write-offs
  • Reduce administrative time and cost of paper resources
  • Free front desk staff to work on higher value tasks and activities
  • Increase payment contract enrollment

Epion Health Partnership with athenahealth 

Epion announced a partnership with athenahealth in 2014 as part of athenahealth’s More Disruption Please (MDP) program, aimed at linking athenahealth’s growing network of healthcare providers with Epion Health’s solutions to streamline patient intake, including pre-registration and check-in.

While patient clinical data had transitioned from paper charts to electronic health records, intake remained a sea of clipboards, paperwork, forms and folders. These outdated manual processes were responsible for a significant increase in errors, denied claims, longer wait times and general frustration for both patients and practices. The company’s flagship product, Epion Check-In, was built to make the experience of healthcare a happier one by automating the collection of patient information and payments.

Fast forward 10 years, and Epion had become a leader in patient intake and engagement solutions for more than 500 healthcare customers and the #1 searched solution—with 450+ five-star reviews—in the athenahealth marketplace.

Digital Patient Intake Customer Results

No two patients are exactly alike – and neither are specialty practices and provider workflows. Epion’s (now Kyruus Health’s) solutions empower medical groups to deliver a tailored, consistent and convenient patient experience for every specialty, location, provider and appointment type. Our powerful technology platform can be configured to the clinical and billing requirements as well as unique workflows associated with different specialties, including primary care, orthopedics, OB-GYN and pain management.

We understand the flexibility that medical groups need to succeed. All our solutions are developed to scale to your needs, so you can choose to implement them together or separately.

Here are some examples of the impact our customers have achieved using digital patient intake:

EmergeOrtho Meets Quality Improvement Goals with Automated Data Capture—Achieving a 4% Increase in Reimbursement

EmergeOrtho has more than 100 orthopedic specialty physicians in 49 offices in 21 counties across North Carolina. As a surgical specialty practice, patient safety is the single most important focus—down to the accurate information in the patient’s chart. That’s why the specialty group turned to Epion Health when it needed to improve clinical data capture for quality-based reimbursement under Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) and the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS).

Previously, the group practice manually collected data. With Epion’s digital patient intake solution, clinical data is automated and integrated with their electronic health record. EHR integration empowers patients to review and edit existing personal health information already in the system, while adding information to the record appropriate for their scheduled appointment. Thanks to Epion’s solution, EmergeOrtho met its quality improvement goals, achieving a 4% increase in reimbursement by reducing human error and cost inefficiencies.

Christus Physician Group Doubles Collections of Outstanding Balances and Copays at Time of Service

Christus Physician Group is a multi-specialty physician group with 75 clinics and more than 750 employees, with operations in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. The physician group is part of Christus Health, an international not-for-profit healthcare system. Christus wanted to make a system-wide transition from manual patient intake to integrated digital check-in to streamline and automate operations and reduce costs. Epion Health’s platform allowed Christus to achieve all that and more.

Before Epion, Christus struggled with patient and staff satisfaction. “There was a lot of paperwork and a lot of time spent entering patient data into the electronic medical record system,” said Bob Karl, CFO. After conducting head-to-head pilots, Karl chose Epion’s solution for its superior capabilities as well as the company’s outstanding client support and deep understanding of clinical workflows. Upon full implementation, Christus reported several significant operational improvements, including:

  • 3.5% increase in collections per encounter
  • 100% increase in outstanding collections at the time of service
  • 300% increase in patient portal sign-ups
  • 600% increase in email collections

For more case studies, visit our Resource Center.

Epion Health FAQ


What does Epion Health do?

Epion Health (now Kyruus Health) offers a SaaS patient intake and engagement platform. By replacing outdated clipboards and paper forms with an interactive, digital intake process, Check-In improves record accuracy and compliance, payment collection, and patient engagement. The solution fully integrates with electronic health record and practice management systems to reduce administrative costs while improving outcomes and patient satisfaction.

When was Epion Health founded?

Epion Health was founded in 2011 when two friends—Joe Blewitt and Joseph Hogan—came together to solve a big problem in healthcare: patient education and engagement.

Joe and Joseph understood that the more informed patients are about their condition and treatment choices, the more involved they are in their own care. And the more engaged they are, the better the outcomes and costs. So instead of innovating first and finding a use later, they started with the patient and developed a solution that could change lives for the better. Fueled by the mission to use technology to solve real problems for real people, it was time to call in a favor from a friend who loaned them $250K. And with that, Epion—whose name is from the Greek word for soothing pain—was launched.

Who bought Epion Health? 

In 2022, Kyruus acquired Epion Health to provide healthcare organizations a seamless search, scheduling, and digital patient intake offering to fully digitize the patient experience. The combined organization offers end-to-end patient access and engagement solutions, enabling patients to easily find and schedule care, complete pre-visit tasks, and more. 

“Epion Health is a trusted partner to hundreds of health systems and medical practices,” said Graham Gardner, M.D., Kyruus CEO and Founder. “By bringing our solutions together, we are uniquely positioned to deliver an end-to-end offering that makes it easy for patients to find and schedule care, complete pre-visit tasks, and meaningfully engage with their providers regardless of where they begin their search.”

What is Epion Health called now? 

Epion Health is now Kyruus Health. In January 2024, following Kyruus’ acquisition HealthSparq and Epion Health over the previous few years, all three brands came together as Kyruus Health, the leading care access platform. Combining these three companies into one brand underscored the company’s commitment to seamlessly connecting individuals with the right care.